Embrace change and

We are curious investors. Zevenbergen seeks out new technologies, services and innovations that create ground breaking opportunities. We uncover the drivers of growth with a keen eye on who is at the helm. Investing in growth and visionary management teams is the winning combination.

No pebble left

Screening for strong revenue, earnings, and cash flow growth, Zevenbergen looks for successful businesses that invest for the future. The focus is on companies with solid business plans and management teams that can drive growth for the next decade. We pay attention to every detail.

Partners for the

We are not a huge corporation where you are just another number, our passion for investing extends to our relationships and communications. Our clients are our partners and appreciate the power of maintaining a long-term investment horizon. We do not take this trust lightly and maintain a client-first culture operating with the highest ethical standards.

Your biggest risk is
not taking one.

Thirty years has provided Zevenbergen with an established, long-term track record in growth equity investing. Defining risk in terms of short-term volatility lacks imagination and foresight. We welcome market moves as opportunities to create conviction-weighted portfolios geared for unpredictability.