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Dani Blanchard, CFA

Operations Team

As an Investment Associate, I review daily transactions and support trade settlement, account reconciliation, and other documentation activities. In this business, details matter. There’s no such thing as being ‘too careful’ when it comes to investment operations. 

Lots of companies say they are committed to employee growth, but ZCI actually is. It’s refreshing to work at a place where career planning is a team sport.

Before joining ZCI, I managed operations for a salmon plant in Alaska. Commercial fishing isn’t for the timid. I’m grateful for the lessons on teamwork, handling pressure, and running a complex business–every day I ventured past my comfort zone.   

If I had access to a giant billboard, I’d print: “Have fun.” It is too easy to get stuck in work mode. Loosen up and connect with the people that matter.

“Scrutinizing even the tiniest transaction detail shows that client service is our number one priority.”


Masters of Professional Accounting (MPacc), Taxation University of Washington Foster School of Business

Bachelor of Science (BS), Accounting                            Chapman University

Bachelor of Science (BS), Business Administration Chapman University