“We follow growth of revenues.
That’s our north star.We invest in founder-led companies.”

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Much of the investment community looks at earnings; our firm looks at revenue, the purest measure of demand. Over decades, we’ve invested in scores of companies offering new technologies, robust business models, and new products and services, all with the hallmark of significant revenue growth.

Experience has taught us that when a founder is still involved, companies are more innovative, willing to make bolder investments. They know the value of placing long-term growth ahead profits. All while cultivating a culture built for wealth creation.

For thirty-years running, we’ve experienced investing alongside founders and visionaries can change your life.  Or, the life of your children and grandchildren. It’s the thrill of a lifetime. It’s a turn-over-every-rock, search for next big thing. A search for well-managed, early-stage companies—disruptors—with massive growth potential.