Senior Client Service Specialist

Susan Schmatzhagen

Client Portfolio Team










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Senior Investment Associate

Susan Schmatzhagen

Client Portfolio Team

As a Senior Client Service Specialist, my job spans all areas of the business; I coordinate a variety of marketing, client service, manager search, questionnaire, and operational projects. 

I also compile our ‘Zev Stats’. This is a statistical breakdown of every account, product, and client type. With an over twenty-year tenure at the firm, people call on me for depth of firm knowledge.

This team steps into clients’ shoes. We’ve all been clients – at banks, restaurants, wherever. We believe in putting the client first.

My guiding principle comes from my parents: ‘Treat people the way you want to be treated.’

“We are driven by our client-first culture; founder-led companies; we are investing for the future, and we are here to help our clients grow their wealth.”


BA in Business Administration
St. Norbert College