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Kevin Knapp

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Senior Trading Associate

Kevin Knapp

Investment Team

I’m a Senior Trading Associate. I work with the portfolio management team and facilitate trading at the firm.  The portfolio management team makes the decision on what to purchase for clients, then we’ll decide which brokers to work with and how to work the order flow. I also help out the operations team when they get busy.

Moving quickly helps because we might be able to get a little bit better price. What’s also important is broker selection.  I have to watch carefully where we allocate commission dollars.  I look at it this way. This is our client’s money.  I need to do what I can to provide the greatest benefit to them. The question is always, ‘how do I best take care of our customer’s money?’

This is about always putting the customer first. There’s an emotional, intellectual, and fiduciary responsibility. If we’re fortunate enough to have someone as a client, then I have to do the best job for them in the role that I have.  When we put this process together, I am here to make sure that we’re doing the best we can for them.

I think what’s different here is the level of customer service and care.  It comes from Nancy and the rest of the management team. As an employee, I feel like I’m treated as a customer as well.

I think people who understand investing, who understand this business, know there are going to be ups and downs. It’s how you handle it. When it’s rough out there, I think that’s when our true colors come through. The most important part of our business is communicating with clients. When any of us talk with Lisa or Nancy, we will always hear, ‘make sure the customer is taken care of.’ That’s the differentiator.

“The question is always, how do I best take care of our customer’s money?” 

I think I’m good when stocks are moving up and down. I’ve seen so much of this — I can stay focused on what I’m supposed to be doing. I let the noise go. We work in a group and I try to be the person who brings some positivity into the moment. I try to keep a good perspective. I’ve been here for 14 years and before this, I was on the brokerage side of the business. I’ve been trading stocks a long time.

I’m a runner and a cyclist. My wife and I when we travel we like to go where it’s warm and we like to surf. So we spend a lot of time in Mexico. We’re not professionals, but it’s something we like to do.

My parents were a great example. They were curious and when they met people they asked questions, they wanted to know you. Growing up, it was my house that all my friends wanted to come to. My dad is optimistic. He flew airplanes. He said to us, ‘you guys are really lucky to be living at this time; think about all the innovation that’s happening and all the things you’ll be able to do. He told my sister, “you can be whatever you want in this world now – you can be president, if you want to.”

“The most important part of our business is communicating with our customers.”


BA, Political Science
University of Washington


ZCI Senior Trader