Principal, Portfolio Manager

Joseph Dennison, CFA

Investment Team










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Principal, Portfolio Manager

Joseph Dennison, CFA

Investment Team

As a Portfolio Manager, I’m hunting for the next great investment. This means diligent financial statement analysis, forecasting, and meeting founders. Discovering what could be the next world-changing growth company is absolutely the best part of my job.

Open-mindedness makes our research different. There’s very little that is off the table. We get a hands-on, real-world understanding of how people are using things. And we are optimistic about how big ideas can get.

Even on tough days, this team supports one another. Knowing that there’s a world class group of professionals next to me adds confidence. We understand that our vision for the next three, five, or ten years isn’t derailed by price actions today.

My Dad is a football coach, but his advice is apt for investing: “You can never know too much; always keep learning, working, and evolving. Be confident but never complacent.


“If we purchase stock with the plan to own the position for ten years, then we want to make sure we’re comfortable with the leaders who will be running it. We establish: are they excellent people, with excellent minds?”


BA, Political Science
Yale University


CFA® charterholder
Member, CFA Institute
Member, CFA Society of Seattle

sector expertise

Health Care, Consumer Discretionary, Energy