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Jim Fasano

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Managing Director, Information and Security Systems

Jim Fasano


I run our IT and security practice. This includes leading our charge to the cloud, protecting client data, and building an architecture to improve firm performance. I’m proud of how we’ve advanced since the days of dial-up email.

We’re focusing more on mobile. I want us to be able to pull information up for clients — on demand—in any corner of the country. “What would you like to know?” “Here was our attribution last quarter.” “What are my portfolio holdings?” All done rapidly and securely.

When I’m not working, I like to spend time with my family. I also enjoy woodworking and gardening projects with my wife.

“I describe our personality as focused. On the stocks we buy, the research we do, and the way we serve our clients.”


BA, University of Washington

MBA with a concentration in Operations Management
Seattle University