Principal, Portfolio Manager, Sustainable Investment Lead

Anthony Zackery, CFA

Investment Team










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Principal, Portfolio Manager, Sustainable Investment Lead

Anthony Zackery, CFA

Investment Team

I support our growth-equity mission of investing in well-managed, public companies. As an analyst, this means reconciling my belief on where the world is headed with available investment options. I recognize popular opinion about companies, and I consider a variant view. Often, the implications of technology and innovation can be underestimated.

As a portfolio manager, I build and fine-tune investment portfolios for individual and institutional clients. Our goal is simple: create lasting wealth.

The reason ZCI exists is to help people reach their financial goals – whether retirement, philanthropy, college savings, or lifestyle. It’s the reason I love working here.

Every role matters here. We have a lean organizational structure; everyone carries significant responsibility. Fortunately, we are a team of ‘bar raisers.’

My wife should be an honorary ZCI employee. She puts up with my nerding-out on stocks and companies politely and patiently.

My favorite quote is: “Real courage is the courage to be vulnerable.” It’s from the book, Between the World and Me. No person has all the answers, nor should they expect to. This belief sets us back in our search for truth in life, business and the capital markets.


“You can’t be successful and think like the common person. Common thought is the benchmark. Our hope is that a different outlook leads to outperformance.”


BA in Business Administration, Finance concentration, Minor in Economics
Presidential Scholar
Western Washington University



CFA® charterholder

Member, CFA Institute

Member, CFA Society of Seattle

Advisory Board Member, Western Washington University College of Business and Economics Investment Management and Scholarship Endowment Fund


sector expertise

Technology, Consumer Staples, Industrials, Financials and Utilities