ZCI Supports ZGirls!

March 26, 2019ZCI Blog

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Nancy Zevenbergen, President and Chief Investment Officer, ZCI

Photos courtesy of #TagPrints 

Zevenbergen Capital was honored to sponsor and attend the 2019 ZGirls Gala on March 21st. Through mentorship from female athletes and curriculum designed by sports psychologists and mental health counselors, ZGirls teaches skills like positive self-talk and goal setting to build confidence and determination in girls ages 11-16. At the event, Olympic athletes Courtney Thompson (volleyball), Mirai Nagasu (figure-skating), and Nicole Davis (volleyball), as well as Emily, one of the 1,200 proud ZGirls, reflected on their own experiences overcoming fears, dealing with failure, and achieving big dreams. Congratulations on a successful night!

To learn more, visit https://zgirls.org/