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Reed Cahill, JD

Compliance & Business Administration Team










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Internal Auditor

Reed Cahill, JD

Compliance & Business Administration Team

I’m part of the internal audit team, which means I focus on our compliance with an ever-changing regulatory environment. Along with helping on updates to compliance procedures, I draft our regulatory filings and investment advisory agreements, as well as assist with the Firm’s tax filing obligations.

Compliance and regulatory obligations affect every aspect of our firm. One of the benefits of communicating and contextualizing these requirements is that we can provide clients with detailed disclosures.

Clients are more than just names or numbers. Our team makes a concerted effort to understand each client. This includes learning what each person values and what drives their decision making.

My Mom and I share a goal, of visiting all thirty Major League Baseball stadiums. We’re two-thirds of the way there; I hope to cross the rest off soon.

I appreciate that every person has a perspective formed by their experiences. This idea is captured in my favorite saying: “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

“Being client-first isn’t just a website slogan. We genuinely work to tailor our products, services, and communications to individuals.”


Seattle University School of Law

BBA in Finance
University of Washington Foster School of Business