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Lisa Foley

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Managing Director & Investment Officer

Lisa Foley

Client Portfolio Team

As our marketing and client relationship lead, I communicate market complexities in clear, uncomplicated terms. My team takes pride in sharing investment decisions and strategy in a straightforward way.

Building trust requires honesty. We’re an open book; clients are free to know the steps we take and why.

We see through short-term volatility and emotional headlines. Our focus is on the underlying progress of companies – even if the short term is bumpy.

The people here are genuine in their artistry. It’s dangerous to say there is art in financial management, because people think you’re leaving it up to chance. But this team is made up of true artists – leaders with an uncanny grasp on their craft.

My love of wine is a source of constant education and experimentation. I have aspirations of building wine cellars for friends and family, along with spreadsheets that keep track of maturity and increasing value.

“No great investment over 10-20 years is a linear experience. Elongate perspective and allow things time.”


BA in Psychology
University of Montana


Member, CFA Institute

Member, CFA Society of Seattle


Comprehensive Portfolio Analysis