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Alexa Parker Kopicky, CPA

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Alexa Parker, CPA

Compliance & Business Administration Team

I’m the firm’s controller, so I primarily work with company financials. I prepare financial statements, and work with vendors and employees who need to purchase products or services. But, like everyone else, I wear many hats.

My background is in public accounting on the audit side. I’ve seen a variety of companies and cultures, and I think ours is unmatched. The topic of ‘work-life balance’ comes up regularly in other firms, but I rarely hear that here. We don’t have to talk about it because we have it.

I’m from Seattle and graduated from the University of Washington. My grandparents have a place on Whidbey Island, an idyllic getaway in the Puget Sound. I love going out there. I enjoy growing and cooking food  – my stack of cookbooks is impressive.

My mom instilled in me a sense of integrity. That it is important to do what you said you were going to do. And my dad helps me laugh and not take life too seriously.

“This company is always ready to pivot. It’s an important part of who we are.”


BA in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting

BA in Spanish
University of Washington


Member, AICPA
Treasurer, Sandy Point Owners Association