Four for Four: ZCI Attends Fourth Tesla Launch Since 2010

March 25, 2019ZCI Blog

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Nancy Zevenbergen, President and Chief Investment Officer, ZCI

Members of ZCI’s investment team, Brooke de Boutray and Joe Dennison, attended the official launch party for the Tesla Model Y last week outside of Los Angeles.  The event marked a key step in the company’s mission to accelerate the advent of sustainable transportation, as the Model Y will be the first affordable, high-performance electric vehicle offered in the rapidly growing mid-size SUV market segment.

Brooke and Joe also had the opportunity to spend time with Tesla’s new Chairwoman of the Board, Ms. Robyn Denholm, prior to the event.  The meeting helped the team gain a more extensive understanding of company’s priorities, long-term strategy, competitive differentiation and management depth.  As a woman-owned investment adviser, ZCI has a deep appreciation for the positive impact women can have from a leadership position.  It was inspiring to spend time with Ms. Denholm, a remarkably talented and humble businesswoman leading a global technology company forward in its pursuit to change the world.